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Kalimba Magic sells quality kalimbas, including South African Hugh Tracey, "2B", Catania, and Goshen kalimbas, as well as Hokema Sansulas. We are the world's leading supplier of kalimba music and instructional materials. We can help you choose the kalimba or book that is right for you and help you to get the most out of your kalimba.

Jam along to these free backing chordal loops - available for free until May 15 2015

The kalimba is an ancient instrument from Africa, simply made from a wooden box and a few tines of flattened metal, but its music is filled with a spirit of beauty and complexity. The mission of Kalimba Magic is to spread the joys of kalimba music around the world. We invite you to stay and discover the wonder that flows from this very special instrument.

Customer Quotes of the Week

The gourd kalimba I purchased for our granddaughter's 15th birthday was hugely popular. She loved it and had never seen one before. After about an hour, she had figured out the note and number scale and by the end of the day could play a few songs by ear. She loves music and plays guitar, ukulele and piano. She also sings. the Kalimba is a wonderful addition to her musical collection and is now in Colorado where she lives. I have already passed your information on to a friend who may be contacting you soon. You are a wonderful gift to the city of Tucson. Thank you for your music and your gentle, caring spirit.
—Maryann, 2015

Received my kalimba and am in love with its beautiful tone.
—Diane, 2014

I received the shea butter wood conditioner in the mail today, and I absolutely love how it works. I may buy some more from you soon.
—Will, 2014

May 9, 2015

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