In This IssueWhat's New at Kalimba MagicThe Kalimba in Music TherapyThe Amadinda, a Traditional African MarimbaWonderful New Music on the 8-Note KalimbaInterview with Andrew Tracey, director emeritus of ILAMKalimba CommunityOur Visit to Grahamstown Hospice in Africa

In This Issue

Mark Holdaway
  • Mark Holdaway's Song of the Soul interview
  • Tablature for Shalom and O Holy Night
  • Alto Kalimba Hymnal
  • Five Mbiras from Zimbabwe
  • More Chromatic kalimbas!
Director Emeritus of the International Library of African Music
Andrew Tracey
In many ways, Andrew Tracey is the closest link we have to the mind and body of work of his father, Hugh Tracey. Come and explore the history of the kalimba and the family that brought the kalimba to the world. This article includes: diagram showing how the mbira grew out of the 8-Note karimba, tablature for six traditional karimba tunes tabulated by Andrew Tracey, Andrew's understanding of the kalimba's African roots, analysis of Hugh Tracey's ground breaking work on Africa tunings and scales and more!
8-note kalimba
Sharon Eaton, co-creator of KTabS (Kalimba Tablature Software), has written and arranged some great music for the 8-Note, demonstrating that this simple instrument is capable of complex music. These songs are available for free download.
Grahamstown Hospice in Africa
Hospice pastor in Colorado, Lisa Motz-Story, inspired us to go and visit the hospice in Grahamstown, South Africa, which she helped get going.
A few tips on using the kalimba with adults, and a video of the one-handed kalimba in action. If you are a music therapist who makes innovative use of the kalimba, we would like to hear what you are doing.
Amedinda, traditional African instrument
The Amadinda is a Ugandan xylophone usually played by two or more people beating on the edges of the bars. We discovered this instrument while visiting in Africa, and we will be selling them in a few months. Check out the video, educational tips, and our mathematical analysis of the instrument's very interesting pentatonic scale.
Kalimba community
• Kinobe, Ugandan Kalimba player in Tucson • Thumbnail care • Kalimba classifieds • Opalanga Pugh, story teller, kalimba player • NOMO kalimba-based band • Kojo, a kalimba band • Fourier Analysis of the kalimba sound • A litte music box! • Dessert comes last: kalimba in video!
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