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What's New at Kalimba Magic

Happy Mark

Mark Holdaway's Song of the Soul interview now available

In June, I was interviewed over the phone by Mark Judkins Helpsmeet for his radio show, Song of the Soul. The interview seeks to touch the core spiritual experience of my music. It is about two thirds talking and one third kalimba music, and the shows are archived on-line. By the way, the most recent Song of the Soul interview is with Peter Blood, the organizing force behind the Sing-along Bible, Rise Up Singing.

I had a similar notice in the June newsletter, but my interview was not online then - but it is NOW!

Tablature for Shalom and O Holy Night now available

Shalom is an original song from my first CD, Two Thumbs Up. Played on the Alto Kalimba, it was my big hit in Africa. When I performed a 40 minute concert at AMI for the people who make the kalimbas, I played Shalom, and when I ended, the audience of AMI staff requested Shalom again for the encore - so, it is my hit song in Africa.

Anyway, I wrote this song out in tablature using the KTabS software for one of the kalimba makers at AMI, and now Shalom is available to you too, in KTabS format, or in PDF. While anyone can view the PDF, if you download the KTabS demo version you can have your computer also play the tablature for you.

A number of people have been getting the new B flat Treble Kalimba and the Christmas Book. The Bb Treble is painted and tuned like an Alto, except in the key of Bb. Hence, you can read the tablature for the Altos, but it is one and a half steps higher than an Alto.

We are pleased to announce that the Christmas Carols are now available transposed into Bb, in KTabS format, from KTabS. The one song that required significant work to modify it from the Alto (i.e., the one song that really takes advantage of the two extra high notes the Bb Treble has above the Alto) is O Holy Night - in KTabS format, also available in PDF format.

Alto Kalimba Hymnal Now Available!

Sharon Eaton put out the Treble Hymnal earlier this year, and now she has translated the hymnal to the Alto kalimba. With tablature and free downloadable KTabS files for 50 public domain hymns, the Alto Kalimba Hymnal is a great deal for $15.

Five Mbiras Available From Zimbabwe

an Mbira
The Shona mbira is a traditional African kalimba. This is probably the instrument that Hugh Tracey first fell in love with shortly after he first came to Africa.

The kalimbas made by African Musical Instruments (AMI) were in many ways inspired by the Shona mbira from Zimbabwe. But the kalimbas and the mbiras are very different instruments. AMI has been searching for a way to make or get high quality traditional Shona mbiras to the world market, and they have just found a source of high quality mbiras from Zimbabwe.

AMI will be shipping me five mbiras in the next kalimba order. While I have not seen or heard these mbiras, they were apparently seen by one of the best mbira players in Zimbabwe and are said to be good quality mbiras. It is my hope that this is the beginning of a pathway of mbiras out of Zimbabwa as well as some much needed REAL MONEY (as opposed to hyper-inflated Zimbabwean dollars) into Zimbabwe and into the hands of the people who make the mbiras.

I haven't got the exact price of the mbiras worked out, but they will be selling in the $200 - $250 range. Again, these are not workshop instruments like the Hugh Tracey kalimbas, but are the rustic hand made traditional mbiras. If you are interested in an mbira, let us know, and we'll save you one. These should be in about August 20.

Chromatic Kalimbas Are Coming (again)

I will have some more Hugh Tracey Box Chromatic Kalimbas in stock when the next shipment arrives from Africa around August 20. If you had troule with the pickup on one of these instruments, contact me.

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