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19 November 2019

New: Duncan-tuned Alto Kalimba and Book

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

This is the tuning Cornelius Duncan uses on his track on Poncho Sanchez' Acclaimed CD "Trane's Delight"

New: Duncan-tuned Alto Kalimba and Book

One of the key features of most kalimbas: You will find the higher-octave note on the opposite side from where you find that same note an octave lower. For example, low C is on the right, and the C that's an octave higher is on the left side of the kalimba. This layout (which is of alternating ascending notes) completely informs how the instrument is played and the resulting music.                                       

But what if there were a tuning where a given note that is on the right side... stays on the right side in the upper octaves? Such a tuning would be played totally differently than the standard kalimba tunings, and it would also make quite different music.

Are you interested in making totally different music and getting a totally different kalimba experience, just for the price of a new tuning? Come with me as we explore the Duncan-tuned kalimba tuning!