Sep 5, 2015
Vol 10, Num 4

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Goshen 17-Note Karimba Now in SaReGaMa Tunings
Lotus, Freygish or Air

SaReGaMa made a big splash in the kalimba world several years ago when he started inventing his own karimba tunings and making engaging videos to demonstrate them. He made a bigger splash when his Lotus-tuned Karimba video on YouTube went viral with 200,000 views in a single day. Now with nearly 2.5 million views, this remains the most popular kalimba-related video in the world to date.

The 17-note Goshen karimba is brand new, inspired by Jordan McGary who loves its look and feel. Available only at Kalimba Magic, we are very excited to announce that we have added three of SaReGaMa tunings to the tuning list you choose from when you purchase this instrument.

Goshen Karimbas
The Goshen 17-note Freygish-tuned, Lotus-tuned, and Air-tuned karimbas. Body measures about 5 inches x 6 inches. These are sweet instruments with smooth, dark, and beautiful wood and soft, narrow tines. At $59, they cost less than half the price of a Hugh Tracey karimba. They are not as loud as the Hugh Tracey karimbas, they don't come with optional buzzers and they don't come with optional pickups. They are very solid, durable and portable - especially good for personal meditation in the woods!

Listen to the Goshen 17-note karimba in SaReGaMa's three tunings:

When you purchase this karimba at the Kalimba Magic Shop, select the tuning you desire from the Goshen 17 Karimba tuning menu at the bottom of the Goshen karimba product page. In addition to the original African A major and African G major tunings, you will now see the SaReGaMa tunings in this list.

If you specify "Add Goshen Karimba Book" at the bottom of the product page, you will get an option to add a book to this purchase for $9. Note: There is a book and CD for the African-tuned karimba in A. The African-tuned karimba in G would use the same book, but as the recording and your kalimba are now in different keys, you can't play along with the CD. The Lotus-tuned karimba has a book with song recordings available as downloadable MP3s. The Freygish-tuned karimba has a book-quality downloadable PDF with links to downloadable MP3s of each song. The Air-tuned karimba does not yet have a book available for it (that is, do not add the book if you selected Air tuning), but you can download this free 12-page guide to playing the Air-tuned karimba.

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