Sep 5, 2015
Vol 10, Num 4

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Sansula & Kalimbula Tunings
Have Your New Instrument Tuned to Your Choice

When you purchase a Sansula or Kalimbula from Kalimba Magic, we will tune it for you in standard A minor tuning OR any of the alternate tunings demonstrated in the videos below. Your choice!

Standard A minor Tuning
Heavenly A Tuning
Beautiful E Tuning
Bluesy E Tuning
Morocco E Tuning
C minor Pentatonic tuning
C Major Pentatonic Tuning

Available from Kalimba Magic: 3 Sansulas and a Kalimbula

If you'll want to include documentation with your purchase, please read the note below these images.

Hokema Pocket Sansula Hokema Deluxe Sansula Hokema Renaissance Sansula Kalimbula

NOTE about ADDING A BOOK when purchasing a Sansula/Kalimbula:
When you purchase a Sansula from the Kalimba Magic Shop, you have the option of adding a book for only $10 more by clicking on ADD SANSULA BOOK at the bottom of the product page. To date, we have completed three hard copy books, one for Standard Am tuning, one for Beautiful E tuning, and one for Heavenly A tuning. If you order a Sansula in one of these tunings, you will get the corresponding book. But if you click on ADD SANSULA BOOK and select a tuning that is not one of these three, you will then receive a PDF that contains tuning instructions, along with a URL to a page where you will be able to download demonstration song mp3s. We will continue to add new material to this page in the months following your purchase. So keep coming back! Eventually, the instructions and companion song mp3s posted online will appear in upcoming Sansula books.

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