Sep 5, 2015
Vol 10, Num 4

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SaReGaMa-tuned Karimba Resources

SaReGaMa is a new age musician who creates some wonderful music. But to most of us reading these words, he is the inventor of several enchanting karimba tunings. This page gathers together many resources for these karimbas, including books, downloads, and how to obtain the karimbas themselves.

Serge, a.k.a. the artist SaReGaMa

He was given a Hugh Tracey African-tuned karimba as a gift. That instrument normally plays traditional African music, but his was hopelessly out of tune, and he hadn't a clue about how it was supposed to be tuned. What would you do?

Fortunately, SaReGaMa didn't just look up the tuning on the internet. He took charge of the instrument and started tuning it up, in different ways every few weeks. His karimba became a laboratory for the development of new tunings. He then made a video to demonstrate each new tuning that he liked.

Kalimba Magic has so far focused on three of these tunings: the Lotus, the Freygish, and the Air-tuned karimba. We currently sell karimbas in these tunings and are busy writing instructional materials for them. Below we list a large number of resources for each of these tunings:

Note: Kalimba Magic enthusiastically acknowledges genius in the planetwide kalimba community. We give SaReGaMa a 10% commission on all Lotus, Freygish, and Air-tuned karimba sales.

SaReGaMa's Lotus Solo on Karimba

Resources for the SaReGaMa Lotus-Tuned Karimba

SaReGaMa's Freygish Solo on Karimba

Resources for the SaReGaMa Freygish-Tuned Karimba

SaReGaMa's Freygish Solo on Karimba

Resources for the SaReGaMa Air-Tuned Karimba


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