20 Advanced Christmas Carols
for Alto and Bb Treble Kalimbas

Karimba Collection

My favorite thing to do on the kalimba is to play Christmas Carols. They are just so beautiful on this instrument! And I am very pleased to announce that, finally, I have been able to write arrangements for these songs which approximate the way I play them. Everything that I know about playing these songs, you can now know too - if you purchase this download, get the KTabS reader, and work a bit on it.

These advanced arrangements are available for the Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimbas and also for the Bb Treble Kalimba. We will be translating these arrangements for the standard G major tuned Treble Kalimba shortly.

This is what Sharon Eaton has to say about these carol arrangements:

These carol arrangements are awesome! I can't stop smiling. I am so excited about this collection. Such a nice balance of different styles and difficulty levels. I could not be happier with the 20 carols you have chosen. What you have done is truly amazing.

Amazing, in large part, because I was using the totally wonderful KTabS program. By the way, Sharon cut and paste all the songs together into a single .ktb file, which plays for almost 30 minutes, with 612 measures. So, this is a lot of music, and it is a lot of really good music too.

Here is an example of what you get with the download. This is Deck the Halls, one of the shorter pieces:

Karimba Tablature
Tablature for Deck the Halls.

If you own the KTabS program, you will be able to play the downloaded KTabS files on your computer. If you have never heard of KTabS before, here is an MP3 of a KTabS demo. To learn more, check out our FAQs section on KTabS.

Click here for a PDF of Deck the Halls.

Click here for the KTabS file for Deck the Halls.

Even if you don't have KTabS, you can use the PDF files, which will show you exactly what you need to do to play each song. However, KTabS can immeasurably enhance your learning experience!

Advanced Christmas Carols for the Hugh Tracey Alto or Bb Treble Kalimba is available only as a download from the Kalimba Magic Shop. Look for both items in the Kalimba Books section.

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