New Exercises for the Catania 12-Note Kalimba

Exercises for the Catania 12 Note

Kalimba Magic has been intending to get a book out for the Catania 12-Note Kalimba, but we just haven't had the time to put the material into solid book form. However, we do have a lot of really neat stuff written out for the 12-Note kalimba - the tablature for those pieces in PDF and KTabS formats has just been lying around. After I gave this collection away to a few people, I realized: Hey, this should be out there! So we are making these 12-Note Kalimba Exercises available to everyone as a download for $5.

Here is the introduction to the exercises that comes with the download. This collection of 45 Exercises for the 12-Note Kalimba starts out simple, so most everyone can follow it.

Listen to the A Spider Exercise.

I call this a spider because it teeters back and forth up the scale.

A simple exercise for 12 note
Tablature for the A Spider exercise.

By the way, while the different tunings were demonstrated with the Catania 12-Note Gourd kalimba, the different exercises here are played on the Catania 12-Note Decorative kalimba, a solid board model.

Listen to this cool rhythm exercise.

I love this one - a walking song in 3.

I think there is good stuff for people playing at all different levels. In fact, I would say that some of this music is good enough that even if you don't have a 12-Note Catania kalimba, you should get one just so you can play this music.

And remember that through June 19th, you can get 20% off on the purchase of any of the three types of Catania 12 Note Kalimbas at the Kalimba Magic Shop by using the coupon code Catania20 upon checkout.

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