March 9, 2013

Vol. 8, Num. 1

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New Music for the Treble and the Bb Treble Kalimbas
66 Song Downloads Now Available

66 songs for treble

There is a collection of 66 Songs we originally put together for the 12-Note kalimba. The songs were taken from many genres: African, Classical, Folk, Peace, Patriotic, Christmas, African American Spirtuals, Reggae, etc. Jump to the bottom of this page for the full list of the 66 songs.

This diverse collection has been translated to the Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba in standard G tuning. The new 66 Song Download for the Treble Kalimba contains both KTabS files and PDF files for the tablature of each song.

This is a huge step forward for the Treble. The Alto kalimba had been getting the most attention, and this collection draws from the wealth of tunes we had been building up for the Alto.

For the next few weeks (or months, if I am slow), this download will be available at half the cost - $7 (or just about 11 cents per song - wow!) - until the recordings are done and the MP3 files are all in place. The current download actually does have the MP3 files for six songs early in the alphabet to help you understand how to read the tablature if it is not familiar to you.

Here is the MP3 recording of KTabS playing back the trad. Shona song Bustu M'Tandari for Treble kalimba. And you can download the PDF for Bustu M'Tandari as well.

Here is the MP3 recording of KTabS playing back the song Buffalo Soldier for Treble kalimba. And you can download the PDF for Buffalo Soldier as well.


Bb Treble Kalimba

66 songs for Bb treble

66 Songs Download for the Bb Treble Kalimba has the same songs as the Treble download, but they are translated to take advantage of the range of the Bb Treble kalimba. If you have a Bb Treble, you need the Bb Treble download. If you have a standard treble in G, you need the Treble download.

The song list for both the Treble and Bb Treble downloads is presented below. "Rating" is the difficulty of the arrangement, with 1 being easy and 5 being difficult. At the bottom of the page you can see the breakdown of easy through difficult songs, and you can see that this download really has a lot for everyone!

Song Name Genre Rating
Away in a Manger Christmas 2
Bach Minuet in G Classical 3
Battle Cry of Freedom Patriotic 3
Beautiful Dreamer Americana 1
Blowin in the Wind Americana 2
Brahms Lullaby Classical 2
Bring a Torch Christmas 2
Buffalo Soldier Reggea 3
Bunga Utete African 2-4
Bustu Mtandari African 2-3
Chemutangure African 3
Children Go Where I S.. AASpiritual 2
Daniel in the Lion's.. AASpiritual 2
Deck the Halls Christmas 4
De Colores Peace 3
Do Lord AASpiritual 2
Down By the Riverside AASpiritual 3
Electric Kalimba Demo Other 3
Emanuel Christmas 4
Finlandia/This is my s Classical/Peace 3
Follow the Drinking G Peace 2
God Bless America Patriotic 2
Go Tell it On The Mtn AASpiritual 2
Hard Times Americana 3
He's got the Whole Wo.. AASpiritual 3
Jamaica Farewell Calypso 1
Jesu, Joy of... 1 Classical 1
Jesu, Joy of... 2 Classical 3
Jingle Bells Christmas 3-4
Joy to the World Christmas 2-5
Kum Ba Ya African/Peace 1
Last Night I Had the .. Peace 1
Mary Don't You Weep AASpiritual 1
Masterpiece Theatre Classical 4
My Country Tis of Thee 1 Patriotic 2
My Country Tis of Thee 2 Patriotic 3
New World Symphony Classical 2
Noboy Knows the Trou.. AASpiritual 2
O Christmas Tree Christmas 3
O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas 3-5
O Danny Boy Irish 3
Ode to Joy 1 Classical 1
Ode to Joy 2 Classical 3
Old Joe Clark Americana 2
One Love Reggea 2
Over the Rainbow Americana 3
Peace Train Peace 3
Redempton Songs Reggea 3
Red River Valley Americana 2
Rova Ngoma Mtawasa African 3
Sadza Madya Here African 3
She'll Be Comin' Ro...1 Americana 1
She'll Be Comin' Ro...2 Americana 3
She'll Be Comin' Ro...3 Americana 5
Swing Low, Sweet Cha. AASpiritual 3
The First Noel Christmas 3
This Land is Your Lan American/Peace 2
This Land is Y...Chords American/Peace 2
This Little Light of.. AASpiritual 1
Tis Me O Lord AASpiritual 2
Water Music Classical 5
Wayfarin Stranger Americana 3
Were You There When T.. AASpiritual 3
We Wish You a Merry C.. Christmas 3
You Fill Up My Senses Folk 3
How many songs are very easy (1)? 9
How many songs are easy (2)? 22
How many songs are moderate (3)? 30
How many songs are moderately hard (4)? 6
How many songs are difficult (5)? 4

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