Goshen Goshen 11-Note Box Kalimba This is a beautiful kalimba for soul work. It really sings. In the key of D.. Product #: GOSHEN BOX11 Regular price: $91.00 $91.00

Goshen 11-Note Box Kalimba

Brand: Goshen
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Just as sweet and smooth as the Goshen 8-Note, but more capable - a good second kalimba for older children and teenagers.

I have known about Goshen kalimbas for about 15 years, and they have been lovely the whole time.

Listen to this sound clip:

Box 11-Note in D

The specifics: 11 notes tuned diatonically in the key of D, starting on the 5th, or A (which happens to be on the left, similarly to the Catania 12-note kalimbas), then B and C#, plus the 8-notes of one octave of the D major scale, ending with the top D on the left side. Just like the Hugh Tracey 11-Note Diatonic celeste junior, this is a great model for beginners who are branching out from the 8-Note kalimba - you have enough notes to really do some interesting counterpoint and complexity. But I love this kalimba most for how it feels and looks. It has a way of getting close to your heart very quickly. I imagine it will be good for story telling. But I also plan to record with it and use it in workshops.

The face wood is African Paduak, and the vibrator holes are in the side. Beautiful craftsmanship.

This kalimba will work with about 80% of the instructional material available for the Catania 12-Note, as the 11 notes of the Goshen are a subset of the 12 of the Catania (but shifted in key from C to D, which doesn't matter with the tablature).