Hokema Hokema 7-Note Pocket Kalimba This one goes down to E, the lowest kalimba note we sell! Extra wide tines, in the key of A minor, t.. Product #: HOKEMA B7 Regular price: $65.00 $65.00

Hokema 7-Note Pocket Kalimba

Brand: Hokema
Product Code: HOKEMA B7

Price: $65.00

This kalimba, AKA Hokema B7, has extra wide tines. The body is the same size as the pocket sansula, or the wood body of any other sansula - but 7 notes take up the space instead of 9. The deep E is our lowest kalimba note. A pleasure to play.

This instrument goes great with any sansula in the standard A minor tuning, or with any instrument in C - such as the Catania kalimbas.