Jeff Willet * Reservoir Jeff Willet, AKA The Gathering Mist, is a young top notch percussionist who takes the listener on so.. Product #: CD_Jeff_Willet_1 Regular price: $12.00 $12.00 Out of stock

Jeff Willet * Reservoir

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You can listen to this collage of Jeff's CD Reservoir.

Jeff Willet is a young, up-and-coming percussionist/multi-instrumentalist who creates sonic journeys with his thoughtfully layered compositions. Technically, I think of him as the "Bill Bruford of the hand drum." He is also an excellent producer and recording engineer. In my mind, the most important aspect of this CD is that his technical mastery of his instruments isn't boastful, but serves to further the story of the compositions.

Please read this interview with Jeff Willet.