Hokema Sansula Basic Melody (B11) The B11 Sansula is the same as the standard B9 Sansula, but a little different. The physics of sound.. Product #: SANSULA BASIC MELODY-11 Regular price: $189.00 $189.00

Sansula Basic Melody (B11)

Brand: Hokema

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B11 Tuning:

If you don't select a tuning from the drop-down menu below, we'll ship "Standard G Major."

The B11 Sansula is the same as the standard B9 Sansula, but a little different. The physics of sound explain it:

The B11 Sansula is built on a sansula body - that amazing and lovely wood-framed echo chamber that makes the great wah-wah sounds -  but notes on the B11 go lower than the B9's, so, to achieve proper resonance, the B11's sansula body is about 10% larger than the standard Sansula's.

You have a variety of possibilities for the tuning of a B11 Sansula -  starting with the standard G Major, (the Melody tuning). Or choose from the others I've introduced in recent months: The Wizard tuning, The Four Winds tuning (four distinct uses of one tuning!), and this month, Dajari-F. Instructional downloads are available for all of these B11 tunings except for Dajari-F, which should be out in about a month.

I should note: there are several types of sansula body, and the B11 Sansula is of the "standard sansula" style, meaning the thin membrane covering the resonant frame is made of something like rice paper. If you drop a B11, that membrane will break.

I do not warranty the membrane on the standard sansula, and because of its fragility, I stopped selling standard sansulas many moons ago... but I will sell the B11 sansula with the standard paper membrane, because it's the only style of B11 Sansula available from Hokema. I could not let this one pass me by because the B11 has some really cool possibilities. So here I am, selling a deliciously beautiful instrument with crazy rich tunings, and the possibility of disaster within a fumbling hand's reach. SORRY I KNOW NO WAY TO MAKE THIS TEXT RED AGAIN AFTER ALTERING IT

So, I can highly recommend the B11 Sansula, and I can highly recommend that you be careful. It's not hard to take care of this type of sansula; the attention and care will be paid for many times over.



This "Multi-Mode Music" is the last piece in the B11 Book, and it showcases the divrsity of modes that the B11 easily covers.