Hugh Tracey Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba A 15 note thumb piano made in Africa, it comes tuned to two octaves of the G major scale. Our best s.. Product #: ALTO2 Regular price: $136.00 $136.00

Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: ALTO2

Price: $136.00

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This is a perfect first kalimba for most adults. It's easy to play and understand, has a sweet sound, and can play a very wide range of music: pop, folk, rock, African, classical, carols. Great fun to play. Not recommended for people with small hands.

The Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba is the original kalimba made by African Musical Instruments in South Africa since 1954. Made from kiaat wood and high quality spring steel, this is a real musical instrument and is easy to play, not just a pretty coffee table ornament.

Listen to these sound clips:

Alto Kalimba, standard G tuning

G minor tuning

Middle Eastern Tuning

EW&F "Evil" Tuning

For over 30 years, the Hugh Tracey Alto has been my favorite Kalimba. The large tines are easy to play, and the two octave setup from low G to high G is simple to understand. A truly beautiful instrument. I highly recommend this one to anyone who is serious about playing, anyone with some past musical experience, or anyone who wants something other than a beginner's kalimba - though if you are a beginner, this kalimba can still work well for you.

Also visit the Alto Resources Page to see the different books and downloads that are available to help you learn how to play this wonderful instrument.

The Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba is one of the most versatile and capable kalimbas out there - highly recommended.