16 August 2020

New Instructional eBook for "Silver Moon" Moon-10 Tuning

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This C Diatonic "Silver Moon" Tuning makes the Moon-10 capable of playing a lot of music

While the standard C Pentatonic Tuning of the Moon-10 kalimba is a great place to go to be wild and free, and a great place to go to jam... if you want to play more songs, you might consider going for the C Diatonic, or "Silver Moon" tuning. Check out the video... real music with just 10 notes!

The "Silver Moon" tuning of the Moon-10 Kalimba can play a lot of music.

You can purchase the Moon-10 Kalimba in this "Silver Moon" tuning, or you can retune your Moon-10 yourself!

This book is 40 pages, and covers the standard introduction to the Moon-10, special playing techniques and strategies, simple songs such as "Joy to the World", "Brahm's Lullaby", and "Silent Night"... then patterns, constellations, and alternative tunings. This book will launch your mind in five or six different directions to help you get the most out of your Moon-10 Kalimba in "Silver Moon" C-Diatonic tuning.

Moon10 SilverMoon page 2

An example page from the "Silver Moon" instructional download. Click the image to hear the sound file associated with this lesson.