12 May 2020

Stango and Nongoma - Music from Zimbabwe

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If you have an F-15 Karimba (Nyunga Nyunga) you can play along with them

In 1960, Andrew Tracey discovered the karimba player Jega Tapera in the township surrounding Bullawayo (then Rhodesia). Jega Tapera taught Dumisani Maraire to play karimba... which he renamed mbira nyunga nyunga. And Dumisani taught his daughter Chiwoniso to play mbira nyunga nyunga.

Jega, Dumi, and Chiwoniso are all gone.

But now, there is Stango and Nongoma!

If you are looking for inspiration for your karimba or nyunga nyunga playing, check out their music!

A rare fusion of guitar and mbira nyunga nyunga, this music is so beautiful! Stango's guitar perfectly supports and strengthens the mbira... and in my opinion Nongoma's vocals are every bit as compelling as Chiwoniso's voice.

These two people are so beautiful! I hope you enjoy it!

I like to listen to this music, pull out my 15-Note karimba in F, and play along. It is great fun!