Info MusicTherapy 300x230THE KALIMBA IN MUSIC THERAPY (Under COnstruction)

The kalimba can be used very effectively in music therapy. Making the sounds on the instrument is very easy, and as the therapist, you have complete control over the tuning. It is easy to take away the "bad notes" and leave just the "good notes" to tilt the odds in favor of a successful musical experience. Furthermore, you can use different tunings that will engender different ranges of emotions.

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Mark Holdaway of Kalimba Magic is available to demonstrate and teach kalimba to music therapists around the US and Canada.

Mark's presentations are fun and lively, and his knowledge of several different types of kalimba is unsurpassed. Writes one participant: "I was enraptured! It was a totally magical experience." For more information, contact Mark.