18 August 2017

Get a Kalimba for Yourself... and a friend

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements, Tips

A special offer makes it easier to have oh-so-much fun together

Playing the kalimba can be a profoundly personal journey. Playing takes me within myself, like taking a deep breath and diving to the bottom of a clear and peaceful pool. The diversions and annoyances of the world evaporate, leaving me with whatever problems, challenges, successes and joys that may come up between me and my kalimba.

But, often, as players we like to share that deep space with another special person. A grandmother wants to play with her grandchild, or a father wants to play with his child. A high school student wants to play with her best friend. And players may want to share their kalimba playing with a lover.


A nice friend of mine recently bought these two (pictured) Lotus karimbas, one for her and one for her partner. Of the couple, she has the smaller hands, so the celeste on the right is for her, while the box karimba is for her partner. I picked these particular instruments for her because I thought they were quite beautiful. I almost wanted to keep them for myself - but I took a photo to remember them by instead.

Kalimba Magic offers a few deals for purchasing two kalimbas, with discounts of 25% or more. But if you want to get two kalimbas, and you don't want to be restricted to the choices in those set deals, I can extend a similar discount to you when you purchase two. (These do not have to be identical to each other.)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the email form, or speak directly to Mark Holdaway at 520-488-7641.

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Mark Holdaway

Mark Holdaway has been playing kalimba for over 30 years.  He invented his kalimba tablature in 2004, and has been writing books and instructional materials for kalimba ever since.  His business, Kalimba Magic, is based on the simple proposition that the kalimba is a real musical instrument capable of greatness.  Mark's kalimba books are a down payment on this proposition.