Hokema Sansula Tuning Tool Sansula and kalimba metal tuning tool... Product #: HO_TUNING_TOOL Regular price: $18.00 $18.00

Sansula Tuning Tool

Brand: Hokema
Product Code: HO_TUNING_TOOL

Price: $18.00

This little implement is useful in helping you tune your Sansula or other kalimba. Made of sturdy metal, it has an indented end that fits nicely on the end of a tine. You can either push the tool with your fingers, or you can tap the tool with a small hammer to move the tine in or out to tune it.

Yes, this is a glorified version of my plastic Pilot G-2 pen - which I use by retracting the pen tip and using the plastic pen frame to grasp the tine and push it around. You may prefer to use metal, especially if you like to tap with a hammer.

By the way, the Sansula Tuning Tool also works very well for Hugh Tracey Treble or Alto tines; for kalimba tuning, (owing to the size and strength of my hands), I mostly push the tuning tool with my fingers. My own favorite use for this tool is in tuning my mbira. When I tune an mbira, I mostly tap with a hammer, and this tool transmits the tapping to the exact right tine. On Sansulas, if you first loosen the bolts, pushing with your fingers works better. If you don't loosen the bolts, tapping works better. Available now for $18.