For Kids and Beginners

For Children and Beginners

Books, CDs, and Kalimbas, ages 4-10 and up

Because very young children tend to have soft thumb nails, I usually recommend against kalimbas for kids five and younger - though I have seen four and five year olds enjoy kalimba. The 6-Note pentatonic kalimba is good for a six year old, the 8-note for a seven year old, and the 9-note student karimba for an eight year old. I myself perform on 8-note and 9-note kalimbas; there really are no upper age limits on these instruments, and they are also very good choices for adults who lack musical experience and/or confidence. Get one of these inexpensive kalimbas, and success is much more likely.

Hugh Tracey's stories appear in The Lion on the Path (book and CD). The CD features Hugh Tracey's own voice, recorded in the 1940s and 1950s, and is a delightful addition to any car trip.  The Magical Music Box, a story woven around several Christmas songs, comes with a CD.

By the way, kalimbas (with an "l") are usually used to play western music, while karimbas (with an "r") are usually used to play African music.