Hokema Hokema B7 Elektro This one goes down to E, the lowest kalimba note we sell! Extra wide tines, in the key of A minor, t.. Product #: HOKEMA B7 ELEKTRO Regular price: $115.00 $115.00

Hokema B7 Elektro

Brand: Hokema

Price: $115.00

Check it out - the high quality B7 kalimba with a high quality electronic pickup!

This kalimba, AKA Hokema B7, has extra wide tines. The body is the same size as the pocket sansula, or the wood body of any other sansula - but 7 notes take up the space instead of 9. The deep E is our lowest kalimba note. A pleasure to play.

This instrument goes great with any sansula in the standard A minor tuning, or with any instrument in C - such as the Catania kalimbas.