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Hugh Tracey African Karimba + PU

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Karimba Tuning:

If you don't select, we'll ship "African A Tuning".  You can learn more about the alternative tunings on the karimba tuning page.

Add Kalimba Bag:
Add tuning hammer?:

This tiny hammer will help you achieve more accurate tine tuning, and will elminate finger pain from tuning "by hand". A win-win for sure.

What could be better than the African tuned karimba playing traditional songs? Try plugging it in and turning it up.

The karimba is similar to the mbira from Zimbabwe. It has 17 tines organized in two rows, but at first glance the organization isn't logical. However, as you begin to learn how to play this instrument, you will discover its inherent logic, which especially lends itself to a traditional African sound.

Andrew Tracey says that this is closely related to THE ORIGINAL metal-tined kalimba from 1300 years ago.

Listen to these sound clips:

Karimba in African A + PU

Karimba in A Minor + PU

There are numerous books and instructional downloads available for the Karimba. Learn more about the African-tuned Karimba in the "How to Play" pages.


G minor retuning of trad. African layout.

Yekermo Sew, G minor retuning of trad. African layout.