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Download of Lotus Karimba Book

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: DL_LOTUSBOOK

Price: $10.00

Do you play the Lotus-Tuned Karimba? Would you like to learn more about playing it, but don't want to wait for a book to arrive? Or you live in Outer Mongolia and you don't want to pay a lot of money for the book to be shipped to you when, in the digital age, you could just get a PDF zipped across space and time? Then this download is for you.

Actually, the download is a ZIP file (ie, a digital file that contains more than one files - most computers have utilities that permit you to extract the individual files from the ZIP file). This ZIP file actually only contains two files: the book cover (front, inside front, inside back, and back) and the body of the book. The MP3 files for each song are available for download, with download instructions in the book's text.