Kalimba Magic Traditional African Music for Mbira Nyunga Nyunga (eBook) The mbira nyunga nyunga, AKA the African-tuned karimba, is closely related to the first metal-tined .. Product #: DL_TRAD_Nyunga_Songs Regular price: $10.00 $10.00

Traditional African Music for Mbira Nyunga Nyunga (eBook)

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African Songs for the Mbira Nyunga Nyunga (aka the 15-Note Karimba in F) is a 78 page PDF eBook download that has tablature and live links to sound files for 30 different traditional African karimba songs (and other musical examples). Live links to MP3 files make this easy to use from computer, tablet, or phone.

The mbira nyunga nyunga, also known as the Kwanongoma-style karimba, or the 15-note karimba in F,  is a very important instrument in the history of African music. Most of the songs in this collection are historically important - from the A.M. Jones 1950 article on the Kalimba, or transcribed from Hugh Tracey's original field recordings, or Andrew Tracey's 1961 paper on the music of Jege Tapera, or the appendix to the second edition of Paul F. Berliner's book The Soul of Mbira.

If you have a 17-note karimba, the "About 30 Traditional Songs" book is probably a better fit for your instrument. If you have a nyunga nyunga or a 15-note karimba in F, this book may be the best resource for you to learn this important body of songs.

This product replaces the downloads: "10 Trad. Songs for the F15 Karimba" and "11 Advanced Traditional Songs for the F15 Karimba".