Kalimba Magic Student Karimba for Kids Booklet This book is geared toward 8- and 9- year olds, for the 8- or 9- note student karimba... Product #: StuKar_KIDS_Booklet Regular price: $5.00 $5.00

Student Karimba for Kids Booklet

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: StuKar_KIDS_Booklet

Price: $5.00

This 16-page, 20-song tablature-based booklet includes a URL from which you can download MP3s of each song in both the G-tuned and C-tuned versions. That is, it works just the same for the C tuning or the G tuning. Similarly, the tablature is written for a 9-note kalimba, but all of the songs also work for the 8-Note versions of the student karimba.

This booklet will be included for free when you purchase any student karimba from Kalimba Magic. However, feel free to order this booklet if you already have a student karimba.     You can also use this book as an introduction to the lower row of tines on the full 17-note African Tuned Karimba or the 15-note Mbira Nyunga Nyunga.    Those lower notes are known as the "kalimba core" and the "original mbira", as Andrew Tracey calls this instrument.  All other kalimbas in southern Africa are built around these notes.

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