Kalimba Magic The Best Ever Book of 8-Note Kalimba Music This book is written specifically for the 8 note kalimba. We use a wonderfully simple form of kalimb.. Product #: BK8NOTE Regular price: $15.00 $15.00

The Best Ever Book of 8-Note Kalimba Music

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: BK8NOTE

Price: $15.00

When I learned how to play kalimba 30 years ago, there were no books. Now there is a series of exciting new books that show you all the nifty tricks you can use with the kalimba, and THIS book shows you how to play the 8-note kalimba, which is perfect for the beginning kalimba player. If you have an 8-note kalimba tuned to "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do", then you can use this book. 50 kalimba tunes, ranging from simple nursery rhymes to classical music, some TV music, folk songs, Latin grooves, and a traditional African melody recorded by Hugh Tracey in 1952.

The extra images for this product include the table of contents, a demonstration of how to use the tablature, and tablature for two of the easier songs.