Hugh Tracey Celtic D Karimba A karimba tuned to D major, it is easy to play Celtic music on this instrument.. Product #: CELTIC_D_KARIMBA Regular price: $110.00 $110.00

Celtic D Karimba

Brand: Hugh Tracey

Price: $110.00

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This board-mounted karimba is set up and tuned to play Celtic music in the key of D major. It also plays in B minor and in A mixolydian.

Why the key of D? It turns out a lot of Celtic music is in D (or associated modes). Over the years I've had aboout a dozen people request kalimbas tuned to D specifically for use in Celtic music.

Why this design? In the past I have sent people wanting instruments in D for Celtic music to the "D Treble" kalimba. The D Treble is still a fine option, as it can read Alto tablature and has access to hundreds of songs in books or downloads. However, I really like this D Celtic Karimba for Celtic music. The interleaved design (borrowed from the traditional African-tuned karimba) puts more space between adjacent tines, which means you don't have to be quite so accurate in your playing, a useful feature when you are flying at top spead through a jig or a reel.

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Unlike other karimbas such as African-tuned or SaReGaMa styles, this instrument does not come with buzzers.

Why do I call it a kaRimba and not a kaLimba? Because of the two rows of tines.