Hugh Tracey Hugh Tracey Box F-15 Karimba This is the same basic instrument as the 17-note African-tuned karimba, BUT with 15 notes, tuned low.. Product #: BOX_Karimba_15F Regular price: $147.00 $147.00

Hugh Tracey Box F-15 Karimba

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: BOX_Karimba_15F

Price: $147.00

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15-Note Karimba in F Tunings:

The 15-Note F tunings are listed with the other African Karimba tunings.

Add Kalimba Bag:

Get this if you want to play traditional African music in the nyunga nyunga F key - or if you have very large hands.

A new model of the Hugh Tracey African Tuned Karimba, in F, with 15 notes (ie, with the mbira nyunga nyunga note layout as opposed to the 17 note karimba layout), mounted on an alto box for a louder sound and more expression. The notes on this one are thought to represent the original mbira created some 1300 years ago in southern Africa.

Listen to these sound clips:

Box F-15 Karimba in F

Box F-15 Karimba in F#

This matches the tuning, layout, and key of the mbira nyunga nyunga precisely.

Learn more about the African Karimba in the "How to Play" pages.

Laina Gumboreshumba playing Chemutengure on 15-Note F Karimba