Hugh Tracey SaReGaMa Air Karimba + PU This is the Hugh Tracey African-tuned karimba, but it has been retuned to SaReGaMa's Air tuning, wit.. Product #: AIR_karimba+PU Regular price: $160.00 $160.00

SaReGaMa Air Karimba + PU

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: AIR_karimba+PU

Price: $160.00

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Remove Karimba Buzzers?:

If you don't want buzzers on your karimba, we'll take them off.

Add Kalimba Bag:

Serious and moody in a minor key, with a pickup.

SaReGaMa's nostalgic Air-tuned karimba with electronic pickup is now available from Kalimba Magic. This instrument starts out life as an African-tuned karimba, but we retune it to SaReGaMa's Air tuning, and we will even offer you some tablature of the music the Air Karimba plays so you can get up and running. This is a similar instrument to the Lotus-tuned karimba, but the tine arrangement and tuning are different.

We have no sound recording of the Air Karimba + PU, please listen to this acoustic sound clip without pickup:

Air Karimba

There is currently a free 12-page instructional download to help you start out your journey on the Air-tuned karimba. 

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