Hugh Tracey SaReGaMa Freygish Karimba + PU This is the Hugh Tracey African-tuned karimba, but it has been retuned to SaReGaMa's Freygish C harm.. Product #: FREYGISH_KARIMBA+PU Regular price: $160.00 $160.00

SaReGaMa Freygish Karimba + PU

Brand: Hugh Tracey

Price: $160.00

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Remove Karimba Buzzers?:

If you don't want buzzers on your karimba, we'll take them off.

* Add Kalimba Bag:
Add tuning hammer?:

This tiny hammer will help you achieve more accurate tine tuning, and will elminate finger pain from tuning "by hand". A win-win for sure.

The hot, sensual, nostalgic, mysterious and sweet Freygish karimba, with a built in pickup (PU).

The Freygish-tuned Karimba is one of SaReGaMa's troicha of tunings - right next to the Air and Lotus tuned Karimbas. The Freygish scale is a middle eastern tuning, but if you know about music, a simpler description of the tuning is: two octaves of the C harmonic minor scale, plus a low B and a high D bracketing those two octaves.

This one comes with an electronic pickup with a 1/4 inch jack - plug it in to your amp or effects processor and play loud while having fun!

This tuning is the most regular (ie, most predictable, most understandable, and in some ways most playable) of SaReGaMa's three tunings.

Listen to this sound clip:

Freygish Karimba + PU

There is also an instructional download for the Freygish-tuned karimba, with 62 pages of tablature and links to MP3 and KTabS files to let you hear exactly what each tune is supposed to sound like.  Look for it in the Related Products tab.

Learn more about the SaReGaMa-tuned Karimbas in the "HoW to Play" pages.